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Komal Kaya Taila (Body oil) Int

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Komal Kaya Taila, an ORGANIC Classical Ayurvedic recipe (Yashtimadhuka Taila), is a body oil with sesame oil as the base. It cleanses the system, relieving stress and insomnia, and improving vision and complexion. Nourishes and gives luster to the ski





1. Sesame oil: A sesame oil body massage has immense benefits, such as:  rejuvenating body skin and increasing its glow and fairness; strengthening and toning the muscles and ligaments; relieving body pain, joint pains, insomnia and dry skin.

2. Yashtimadhu: Is demulcent, expectorant, aphrodisiac, and mildly laxative in nature. It increases the flow of saliva and decreases thirst. Promotes healing of eye ailments and asthma, removes toxins, decreases cough and hoarseness of voice. It minimizes the irritation of the larynx and the urinary passages.

3. Amalaki: Rebuilds and maintains new tissues; increases red blood cell count and is the highest natural source of Vitamin C.  It is an astringent haemostatic and thus stops bleeding, making it useful for gingivitis, hemorrhoids, and anemia. Amalaki is also a vermifuge, an aphrodisiac, and improves the appetite and controls blood sugar in diabetes. It promotes healing of fever, cough, eye diseases, inflammation of the stomach and colon, jaundice, dyspepsia, vertigo, palpitations, colitis, constipation, hiccups, and generally any liver or heart complaints. It is also applied as a paste to the head in mental disorders.

4. Milk: It soothes irritated skin (demulcent).


The main ingredients of the Komal Kaya Taila are:

  • Amalaki
  • Cow milk
  • Sesame oil
  • Yasthimadhu 


After your shower, take a few drops on your wet palm, spread the oil on both your palms, dab it on to a damp body in upward strokes moving your fingers in clockwise circles.
Komal Kaya Taila should be used at least once daily after your bath to energize the body and preserve the moisture, youth, and glow of the skin. Komal Kaya Taila is also helpful in reducing body pains, soothing irritated skin, and cleansing the body of toxins.


50 ml


In case of any known allergies, it is advisable to first use a small amount on the forearm and observe the area for one day, before using it elsewhere.