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Chetna Sugandh (O-sense) Int

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Chetna Sugandha (Consciousness Incense) is a 2nd Dimension MEF Tool that helps the body let go of the problem from the root level with regular practice as directed through the Self-healing method described below.




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O-Sense helps the body let go of the problem from the root level. It should be used regularly whether there is problem or not. If there is no problem use it once a day and if there is a problem then 2 to 4 times depending on the problem. In fact, O-Sense use encourages the body to enrich the consciousness of its 'Let Go' process.


It works exactly the way we clean our house every day. We clean our house to remove dust; if you do not clean for few days the dust accumulates. Over the year many layers of dust might have been accumulated in the body. When all the layers are removed all the problems in the body will be removed


The body resembles a glass you can observe the dust on the glass while you wipe it. To remove stress keep the O-Sense near the nose and slowly take a long breath to a count of 30. People may feel tired if they are not used to taking a long breaths. They will feel energized after a few normal breaths.


Note: While using our tools there should be no disturbance (noise/talking etc.)
Potent Environment

All the eight corners of the house or room can be energized by O-Sense. Open the cap, Point the O-sense downwards and rotate it clockwise 3.6 times.  Do it at all the 8 corners and the center of the house or room. It balances the entire area and energizes and entire room or house.  It also repairs Vaastu issues. We can energize the area of floor or the room and the energy expands in all directions.


1st Position: Take 2 closed O-Sense bottles keep them on the center of the forehead (between both the eyebrows on the forehead).  The caps should face the forehead.  Hold them there till you complete a count of 30.


While on the center of the forehead it is directed to the pituitary gland, which is the Master gland.  This gland generates information to all other glands of the body.

Endocrine glands slowdown as we grow older.  By this process the master gland (Pituitary gland) helps the other endocrine glands to start functioning properly.

2nd Position: Now keep the 2 closed O-Sense bottles one on the right temple and the other on the left temple - again hold for a count of 30.

When they are placed on the temples it works on the central nervous system.  Both the right and left-brain work parallely and control both the hemi spheres. This process cleans and heals the system to function like it used to in childhood.

3rd Position: Now place the 2 closed O-Sense bottles below the right and left ear slightly pointing backwards towards the neck and count 30.

This is the cerebellum area whose function is to balance the body's mechanisms. O-Sense will bring balance to any existent imbalance.  It balances the left half and right half of the body; for example this would help the walking mechanism etc.

4th Position: Adam apple position; hold there for 30 seconds. The bottles point back wards and up wards; this activates the medulla oblongata, which controls and regulates all body mechanisms such as, B.P. mechanism, Heart Mechanism, temperature control mechanism.

By using O-Sense at this point it clears the communication pathway and sends correct information for the balanced functioning of all body mechanisms and cures the root problem of disease.

These four positions shall heal the problem from the root.