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MEF Studded Pendant

  • PRODUCT CATEGORY: MEF Jewelry - Int'l

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The ACE MEF Studded Pendant is a tool for Living Aesthetics and when one wears the pendant it helps the body to naturally:

  1. Evoke the self wellbeing process.
  2. Come to a thoughtless state.
  3. Evoke the Awareness, Consciousness and Energy in order to Manifest, Enrich & Fulfill.
  4. Improve strength, stability, flexibility, mental clarity and performance at every level of existence.
  5. Enhance cellular permeability, nutrition and detoxification.
  6. Ease imbalances present physically (pains), mentally (stress), emotionally (stress, anger etc.) and so on.
  7. Boost the immune and endocrine systems.
  8. Sustain Youthfulness.
  9. It helps us sustain the balance and wellbeing which we create for ourselves as a result of any kind of exercises. Hence, each day you will grow a step ahead.


How to Use:

Passive Use

Wearing the pendant on a daily basis holds the structure of our wellbeing process.


Active Use

  1. The ACE MEF Studded Pendant can be used for a facial, body and organ massage in a organized clockwise circular fashion.
  2. For the face one uses it with an oil such as a Beauty Oil. For the body one uses it with a Body Oil.
  3. For an organ one uses it with the Versatile Oil.


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