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MEF 12L Disc

  • PRODUCT CATEGORY: DRPF MEF Transformation & Wellbeing Tools

Dr. Ramesh's Potent MEF 12L Disc works at 50 times the speed of light!




Brief Description:

The 12L Disc works 120 times above the quality of light. It is a tool that should be used after the jumpstart process started by the 12L Stylo to preserve and sustain the consciousness enrichment in self, others and ALL. It combats the effects of EMF’s generated by ALL electronic equipment that we use in our daily lives.


Benefits & Properties:

There are two sides of the disc IN and OUT. The side with text written in a clockwise circle is IN and the side with the DRPF logo is OUT.

Radiation is of 2 types: Healthy (uniform waves) and Unhealthy (irregular waves). Unhealthy radiation wants to become healthy, and for this it needs energy.

For example: When you sit in front of a computer, the unhealthy radiation takes energy from you to become healthy, and in turn you become exhausted. To prevent this loss of energy and tiredness, stick the MEF 12L Disc behind the computer monitor / screen. The unhealthy radiation will resonate with the Potent MEF 12L Disc and get corrected.



Problem area enrichment

Dr. Ramesh’s Potent MEF 12L DISC helps preserve a balanced body functioning. First, keep the DISC, facing ‘IN’, on the problem area with the right hand and keep the left hand on top for 30 seconds. Now turn the disc around ‘OUT’ and place it for 30 seconds with the hands in the same position. Once again turn it back to ‘IN’ position and keep it for 30 seconds. This process is to be done wherever the problem is.

Balancing the seven energy centers (chakras) of the body

1. Place the ‘IN’ side of the Disc on the head for 30 seconds.

2. Then keep the DISC on the forehead covering eyes and nose and keep for 30 seconds.

3. Next keep the DISC on the Adam apple and chin position for a count of 30 seconds.

4.Then keep it on upper chest and wait for 30 seconds.

5. Then keep it on upper stomach-upper abdomen for 30 seconds.

6. Keep it on the Naval Area for 30 seconds.

7. Then keep it on the genital / groin Area for 30 sec.

Our body recognizes the complete and beautiful structure of our products and resonates with them. The body itself generates all the energies. Our products just help to switch on the consciousness of the generating ability within our body.


Other uses:


A Water Test done by scientists has shown that H2O → H-O-H forms into clusters. Our cells cannot absorb big clusters.

Place your water bottle on top of the written side of the MEF 12L DISC. When placed on the DISC molecules become small. Cells absorb smaller water molecules faster and upon drinking this energized water we will feel energetic instantly.

At the end of the day one generally feels exhausted due to continuous exposure to computers and other equipment that generates unhealthy radiation. Therefore drinking this energized water will reduce their exhaustion.



We can keep fruits, food or water bottles on the DISC to charge them. If we consume charged food we will be energetic. Keeping the DISC on the stomach for 20 min after eating a meal will make the body relaxed and reduce drowsiness.

When a fruit is plucked from the tree it is still alive for a short span of time. If it is immediately placed on the MEF 12L Disc its life continues and becomes longer. We are bringing life force back. Our MEF system works on the consciousness’ it generates life force in any living system and corrects it bringing it to balance.


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