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MEF 'I' Astro Card Level 0 36.45BV

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Historicallywe already know the value and power of symbols, words, colors, paper and anyform of matter, in which an essence of the same universal consciousness exists.All the knowledge has been assimilated, integrated and then imprinted on theAstro Series of Cards along with the MEF Science, which has thereby created aunique system.
The Astro Series of Cards help one repair and modify all the imbalances whetherit is physically, mentally, and/or emotionally from the past, present and/orfor the future. It is embodied to help enrich and balance at a customizedlevel. It’s a system, which helps one correct imbalance at the karmic,astrological, health (physically, mentally, and/or emotionally) and onspiritual levels.
This will help one to fulfill their very purpose of life, which is the uniquedesire of our spirit. Astro cards can be made to help for any imbalance increation such as for ones family, home, business and/or environment. Rememberthese are powerful customized systems and help only the individual family, homeor business whose name has been written
Moksha, liberation, salvation and very purpose of life can be attained byanyone and anything at anytime.
There is no question of waiting – it happens and it happens in the NOW.


The MEF ‘I’Astro Card Level 0 is compact and can be used for children andadults.
It strengthens at all levels to correct IMBALANCES and achieve the purpose oflife for each individual.
In order for the MEF “I” Astro Card Level 0 to work, ONLY the OWNEROF THE CARD must complete all the steps.
How to Use Astro Card “I” Level 0
First write your (OWNER) name
Write your (OWNER) country of residence
Between name and country stick any photoof yours (OWNER) on the card along with your (OWNER) fingerprints. (Ideallywith versatile oil or put plain natural fingertips.)
Right hand fingerprints on fold side ofcard - adjacent to the issues and left hand fingerprints on edge near theimbalances. (One can emphasize by adding dots with stylo on imbalances as well)

Care of the Card
All Cards must be kept in a protectivecover
The card can be hung around the neck orkept in a wallet
The card has to be used daily at leastonce with closed eyes and focused contemplation on the problem area. Flip it 3times every 30 seconds
Then place on all chakras for 30 secswithout flipping
It can be used twice or thrice dependingon severity of the imbalance
Observe the changes happening

And once activated it will only helpthat person/business etc.