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Retail Price: 1584 Units


Brief Description
The DRPF 12L Stylo has all the qualities of the previous Stylo which is also known as the 11L Stylo. Just like everything else in life has progressed and evolved such as; computers, cars and telephones, the 12L Stylo has also evolved compared to the 11L Stylo.  Assuming that 11L is functioning at a level of 110, 12L will function at a level of 120. Hence, all the qualities and properties would start functioning from 110 to 120. The results can only be experienced.    
The added benefit of the 12L Stylo is, by JUST POINTING the Stylo towards the self without the described movements below will help switch ON the self transformational process.


The 12L Stylo has 2 ends, the writing end is considered as IN and the other end is considered as OUT.
You may write your problem along with the resolution you want, with the 12L Stylo, on a piece of paper. On that paper you should practice the strengthening process, as described below, for a period of 27 consecutive days or longer, and you will begin to see the transformation.


Take one of the following positions before starting your self-treatment:
1 – Lie down straight on your bed.
2 – Sit down with back straight.
Note: Keep your eyes closed during the whole process. Hold the 12L Stylo in your right hand facing the IN side to your body at all times. You do not need to touch the Stylo to your body.
1. Take the 12L Stylo above the centre of your head and make 3.6 EXPANDING and 3.6 CONTRACTING clockwise spiraling rotations. This helps the body to Naturally Harmonize the Cerebral Hemispheres and Pineal gland.
2. Next, bring it to the point in between both your eyebrows on your forehead and do as above. This helps the body to Naturally Harmonize the Optic Chaisma and Pituitary Gland.
3. Direct it towards the middle of your neck in the front and do as above. This helps the body to Naturally  Harmonize the Cervical Nerve Plexus and Thyroid Gland.
4. In front of the centre of your chest and do as above. This helps the body to Naturally Harmonize the Cardiac Plexus, Heart and Thymus Gland.
5. Take the Stylo to the Epigastrium area (below the chest area and above the naval) and do as above. This helps the body to Naturally Harmonize the Solar Nerve Plexus and the Pancreas.
6. Next take the stylo just below the naval  to the Pelvic area and do as above. This helps the body to Naturally Harmonize the Pelvic and Sacral Plexus along with the Uterus and Ovaries in Women and the Prostate in the Men.
7. At the genital region take the stylo and do as above. This helps the body to Naturally Harmonize the Perineal Plexus along with the testes in men.
8. After the above make 3.6 EXPANDING and 3.6 CONTRACTING clockwise rotations at all the joints: right hip, left hip, left knee, right knee, right ankle, left ankle, right shoulder, left shoulder, left elbow, right elbow, right wrist, left wrist.
9. After completing the above steps keep your eyes closed for 9 / 18 / 27 minutes.
10. Slowly move your fingers and toes, rub your palms together and place it on your eyes. Gently open your eyes.
If you experience any dizziness, keep your eyes closed for a little while longer. Observe any changes you feel in your body.

Environment Correction
The eight corners of a  home OR room ‘s consciousness can be enriched by the Chetna Rachna. Point the Stylo downwards and make 3.6 EXPANDING AND 3.6 CONTRACTING clockwise rotations.  Do it at all the 8 corners and center of the house OR room. It helps the consciousness of  the home or room to harmonize, balancing the entire area, thus bringing life force to  the entire home or room.  It helps repairs the Vaastu also.

We can also enrich the consciousness of a space by performing the spiraling technique with the STYLO pointing to the floor once and roof once. This results in air and space becoming complete rich and fresh.